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I received the following email from Annamae Hannegan Abbott on March 4, 2008.

I live in Alberta Canada and in the late 1990's I made a special trip to New Oregon, Howard County,IA to locate the grave on my great great grandparents that had homesteaded in New Oregon. But after wandering through all the cemeteries without locating Danial Hannegan or his wife, Catherine Carroll Hannegan, I made a trip to Connelly's Funeral Home. I was so disappointed to hear that when the decision was made to move the original cemetery into Cresco, they had sent out letters to known families of the decision. Mr Connelly kindly looked up all the information for us, but there weren't any Hannegan's there. At this time he mentioned that if the Sexton (or whoever was in charge) hadn't heard from the family, then the original grave was left behind. I am curious how many other graves might be in that original New Oregon cemetery, and if any one has ever surveyed there. I am aware that due to fire the courthouse burned down, and the Catholic Church burned down. It appears that I am at a stalmate unless there is somewhere else I can find the information that I need for my records. Thank you.

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