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Grave News

July 2005

Page 9

Contributed by Stan Hill

From the November 1, 2004, minutes of the Henry County Pioneer Cemetery Commission:  Reports were given on the Hightower, Ebenezer, Williford, Baltimore/Abby, Roth, Pickard, Jefferson Township, Carnahan, and Oak Grove cemeteries.  Items covered were cleaning of cemeteries, stone repair, fencing, and reseeding.  A proposed budget for 2005 was submitted.  Beverly Bethune has been contacted about leading a workshop in 2005.

From the May 2, 2005, minutes of the Henry County Pioneer Cemetery Commision:  Chairperson, Stan Hill, reported that he had met with the county supervisors on the progress made by the commission and thanked them for their support and assistance.  Reports were given on the Cholera Hill, Crook-in-the-Road, Farlow, Reece, Ebenezer, Old City, Old Richwoods, Pickard, Traxler, Williford, Abraham, Falkner, Roth, Jefferson Township, Scott, and Carnaham cemeteries.  The East Grove Cemetery in Jackson Township is being cared for by the property owners.  There is one stone existing with probably 3 or more burials.  There had been an old church there back in the woods. 

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