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Grave News

October 2006

Page 18

The landowner of the land where Peden Cemetery is located finally gave permission in writing allowing workers to start cleaning on November 7th. At the end of the day, workers had started pulling out the old fence. The cemetery is in a lot worse condition that it was when visited in 2003. The trustees of Lick Creek Township stated that they will help with getting a fence in place because there is a Civil War veteran buried in the cemetery. They are going to help with part of the cost of the fence, which they estimate will cost over $1000. There is around $400 in the Peden account. The trustees suggested getting a six-strand barbed wire fence using steel posts with braces at the corners and a gate. Cattle panels, that were first suggested , were determined to be too costly.

-Ione Friend


The Davis County Pioneer Cemetery Commission is waiting for the county attorney to draw up descriptions for the Peden Cemetery. This is needed to record the no hold harmless agreement. Carol Hoffman and her son, Brian, headed a fundraising project for the cemetery fund that included taking orders for homemade pies to be picked up November 22. Six members sold orders for 79 pies! This group is also participating in the Holiday Nights & Lights Christmas event in Ottumwa. They will have bake sales offering treats to sell for a total of 9 nights. They will host the July meeting of SAPIC in Bloomfield and have already invited members of their Civil War Roundtable group to attend.

-Carol Hoffman

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