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The Waukon Standard

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Being sought are markers belonging to the Eastman Cemetery, sometimes known as the "Virgin Em" Cemetery or "Van Sickle Cemetery." Only two small foot stone markers are still on the site.

Residents who have information that could lead to the return of the grave markers should contact Lawrence Fox, president of the Clayton County Pioneer Cemetery Commission. His phone number is 563-245-1926.

The following are known interments:

Adney (daughter of Alonzo); Ralph Bales; Bukie Bee; Robert Owen Boyle; Peter Cameron, large marker found - P.D.C. - foot stone missing; Anna Cornish; Anna Mariah Cornish; Arthur (or John) Cornish; Charles Cornish; Jennie A. Cornish; Mary Cornish; Peter Cornish; Raymond Cornish; Sylvester Cornish; Cruver children; Emma Eastman; George Eastman; Mary Eastman; Peter Eastman, large marker and foot stone found; Julia Anne Fitch; Frankey Klotzbach; Jacob Klotzbach; Lizzie Klotzbach; Louisa Klotzbach; Regal children; Michael Stence; Christ Van Sickle; DeWitt Clinton Vansickle, foot stone found/large missing stone has poem to "Clinty" by Emma C.V. engraved on it; Francis Van Sickle; Martha Van Sickle; Martin Van Sickle; Sherman C. (same as Christ?) Vansickle; Joseph Wilson and Marilla Wisemiller.


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