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The Waukon Standard
October 23, 2002

Voss Genie- Article #713:  Virgin Em Cemetery

 Actually, the real name is Eastman Cemetery! Located in Mendon Township, rural McGregor. There are records that show over 25 people buried in this cemetery, but only a couple stones remain. How sad! Emma Eastman was rather famous. Her parents, six of her nine husbands (yes, that is right!), and other family members are buried here. If you know of any gravestone that should be returned to this cemetery - please do so. No questions asked. Having the stones returned is all that is desired. Contact at the phone number below. Boy Scout Troop #40, from Guttenberg, has spent several days cleaning the cemetery. Chris McClellan is working for his Eagle Badge and his parents, troop leader, and troop members are helping. Bud Kann, Guttenberg, a member of the Clayton County Pioneer Commission has also been working at the cemetery. The Boy Scout Troop #40 plans to purchase fencing and a lettered gate, and would appreciate donations for that. Lawrence Fox, president of the Clayton County Pioneer Commission, is another worker. Ronald Harris of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., is diligently researching and compiling the history on Emma and her husbands. He has quite a large, and very interesting, file! In the picture, taken 19 October 2002, helpers include Chris, Ken and Nancy McClellan, Steve and Phil Rausch, Marcus Susice, Clarence Bolsinger, Shea Ronek, Herb Kann, Lawrence Fox, Ron Harris. Picture by Myra Voss, a member of the county's Pioneer Commission.

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