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Atlantic News Telegraph
May 21, 2007

Southlawn Memorial Gardens

By Frank and Darlene Jones, Atlantic

Thank you Jeri Ward for reminding the people of Atlantic and Cass County that we have a neglected and abandoned property. Southlawn Memory Gardens Cemetery is in dire need of "tender loving care."

The road around the cemetery has long been hazardous to cars and hearses. This summer 22nd Street will be repaired.

While the big machinery is within one mile of the cemetery, would it not be a great opportunity for them to repair the cemetery road?

Thank you Don and Jeri Ward for making the entrance into Memory Gardens beautiful and inviting. (Sorry it was destroyed by the storm.)

Thanks to Jeannie Broderson for countless hours of effort on behalf of Memory Gardens.

Thanks to Ralph Riggs for the hard work of mowing and the extra hours you volunteer, especially before Memorial Day.

To anyone who has done volunteer work at Memory Gardens, thank you.

The Southlawn Memory Gardens Cemetery could still be a beautiful memory garden for our loved ones buried there, and an asset for Atlantic.

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