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We have a number of newspaper articles concerning Southlawn Memorial Gardens.


Bacon, Laura. "Supervisors Looking at Where Responsibility for Cemetery Lies." Atlantic News Telegraph. 30 October 2007

Bacon, Laura. "Supervisors to consider cost sharing for upkeep of Southlawn Memory Garden Cemetery." Atlantic News Telegraph. 16 April 2008

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Lundquist, Jeff. "City wants court to decide cemetery issue." Atlantic News Telegraph. 16 Nov 2007

Ward, Jeri. "Remember Southlawn Memory Cemetery." Atlantic News Telegraph. 15 May 2007

"City to discuss abandoned Cemetery." Atlantic News Telegraph. 14 Nov 2007

Williamson, David and Julie, Jonathan and Brandi Hansen, Bryan and Shellie Ferguson, Charles and Brenda Vogl and Chris and Gwen Ullerich. "Highland Cemetery Vandalism." Atlantic News Telegraph. 21 April 2008

"New Civil War Monument Dedication."  Atlantic News Telegraph.  September 2008

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