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October 2005

Page 17

Starting in December of 2000, Lyle Peterson and his brother began efforts to get a pioneer cemetery in Dodge Township cared for as the law required.  After 5 years of trying to gain cooperation they were forced to sue the Boone County Supervisors, Boone County Weed Commissioner, Dodge Township Trustees, and the Boone County Attorney.  On January, 2005, Judge Danilson of the Second Judicial District Court for the State of Iowa issued an "Order for the Writ of Mandamus" ordering the above to "henceforth undertake the restoration, preservation, and maintenance of the aforesaid cemetery (White Cemetery)."  Lyle has offered to share their experience and information in fighting this long and many times frustrating battle.  He states, "Unfortunately, I know many times that families have given up the battle of not knowing that the law was on their side, or were perhaps afraid to take on the governing bodies in their respective counties." 

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