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Grave News

October 2006

Page 9

Mike Magee, Tina Kiester, and Pat Shaw were privileged to be invited to observe a ground penetrating radar demonstration at the Schlicht Cemetery on September 29. Bill Whittaker from the Office of the State Archaeologist was hired by Sidney Louis, a Schlicht descendant, to search for remains, particularly a "lost grave." Bill also demonstrated how to take core samples from grave sites to determine various levels of types of soils, thus indicating an area where the soil has been disturbed or is likely to have been removed and replaced for a grave. Sidney has made every attempt to restore the site as it would have been during his ancestors' time period, even down to plantings, such as peony bushes. The cemetery is protected by a chain link fence and is maintained by a caretaker. A graveled access road leads to the cemetery. A trust has been set up to maintain the cemetery and the access road in the future. We are indebted to Sidney who has generously shared all the paper work related to the protection of this site. Copies may be obtained from Pat Shaw.

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